Tuesday, June 12, 2018


We have started to learn the names of the Matariki stars through this song. We have also learnt how to do the actions to the Macarena - fun!!!!. Sorry everyone but this song will get stuck in your head. I have been singing it non stop since we sung it in class.
Give us a few days and we will post a video of us doing the actions - we are still trying to coordinate our movements.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Rangi and Papa

We have been focussing on some of the legends of Matariki this term. We learnt about the separation of Rangi and Papa.
We have also been learning about how to write a setting which could include

  • sounds
  • colours
  • shapes
  • weather
  • temperature
  • smells
  • sizes
  • buildings
Here are a few of our descriptions of what it was like between Rangi and Papa before or as they were being separated.

I am earth mother, Papatuanuku.

I see a damp and dark place.
I hear birds singing.
I smell Christmas in the bushes.

I am Tanemahuta, god of trees and birds.
I see nothingness of black.
I hear heaving as I push mum and dad apart.
I smell the flowers of my mum.

I am Tawhirimatea keeper of wind.
I see mist flying up from Papatuanuku, mother earth.
I hear tumbling and talking from my brothers.
I smell fire, smoke and flowers.

I am Tawhirimatea, god of wind, the person who made Matariki from my eyes.
I see the black of darkness all around me and my brothers.
I hear the straining grunts of Tanemahuta as he pushes apart our parents.
I smell the beautiful aroma of the newly growing flowers.

Cross Country Training

I am so proud of the children who are really showing a 'Give It A Go' attitude during cross country training.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

New Zealand Music Month

Mr E is helping us to learn about different New Zealand musicians. Here we are playing Lorde.

School Values: Give It A Go
Key Competencies

Silent card shuffle

We did a really fun activity today called 'Silent Card Shuffle'. Each group of 3 was given a set of cards with 8 pictures, 8 titles and 8 explanations about Matariki. They had to match the title with the picture and correct explanation - all without speaking.

Not a word.

All sorts of unusual sign language was used. As it is sign language week it was the perfect time to talk about how to communicate using sign.

After they made their matches, each group rotated around the other groups - again silently. This is the time that they noticed if there were any similarities or differences. (This is a clever way of getting them to read the information again and again.)

Finally they got to go back to their own cards and changed them if needed.

School Values: Give It A Go, Be Heard
Key Competencies: Thinking, using language, symbols and text

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Egg in a Bottle Challenge

We tried this experiment in our class as part of our learning re air pressure. We didn't have much luck (unless burning the school carpet is considered success!)
After about 6 attempts we did manage to get half an egg in the bottle.
But the challenge to successfully complete this experiment was taken up by Louie Travers and his mum.
Watch the experiment work below.
It's so awesome to see that school learning is being supported at home.
If anyone else does any cool air experiments I would love to share them on the blog.

School Values: Give It A Go
Key Competencies: Thinking