Sunday, April 1, 2018

Egg in a Bottle Challenge

We tried this experiment in our class as part of our learning re air pressure. We didn't have much luck (unless burning the school carpet is considered success!)
After about 6 attempts we did manage to get half an egg in the bottle.
But the challenge to successfully complete this experiment was taken up by Louie Travers and his mum.
Watch the experiment work below.
It's so awesome to see that school learning is being supported at home.
If anyone else does any cool air experiments I would love to share them on the blog.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Balloon in a Bottle

The challenge was to blow up a balloon in a bottle.
Not as easy as first thought.



We discovered that there was not enough room left in the bottle for the balloon to blow up.

When we punched a hole in the bottom of the bottle all of a sudden the balloon could fill. This was because all the air that was in the bottle was forced out of the hole and left space for the balloon to inflate.

Air Pressure Experiments


We placed a small ball of paper in the neck of a bottle. We blew on the paper.
What a shock - the ball of paper flew OUT not in.
This was because there was already air in the bottle and no more air could fit in. Therefore when we tried to blow the paper in there was no extra space for it so it was pushed out instead.

The Beatles

We have been learning about important musicians and how they have affected society.
The Beatles are this term's focus.
We have looked at the changing style of the Beatles music, iconic photos - Abbey Road crossing and even talked about their rooftop concert.
We have been learning to play 'Here Comes The Sun' and Yellow Submarine' on Ukelele, Marimba and keyboard.
I have been impressed with the concentration and persistence shown by many of the children. They have to really concentrate to follow the music onscreen and translate the notes through their fingers plus get the timing correct.

School Values: Give It A Go
Key Competencies: Participating and Contributing

Friday, March 23, 2018

Flight Challenge

Today we had a challenge to fly a plastic toy form the ground to the top of a table. And what a challenge it was.

We had these items to use
  • string
  • plastic toy
  • sellotape
  • straws
  • washers
There was so much discussion and lots of problem solving. It was great to watch the persistence displayed by many children.

School Values: Give It A Go, Be Heard
Key Competencies: Thinking, Participating and Contributing

Monday, March 19, 2018


We are using the House of Science kit about flight. Here we are brainstorming all the things we can think of that fly. This brought up a discussion about floating vs flying.
We also had discussions about whether something moving through the air is flying or not - does that mean when you drop things they are flying as they are moving through the air?
Lots of challenging questions.
We then had to categorise a selection of flying objects. The way they categorised them varied from group to group - some man made vs animal, some needing engines etc

School Values: Be Heard
Key Competencies: Thinking, Relating to Others

Spelling learning

We are learning our spelling words everyday through a variety of fun activities. Here we are drawing them on the concrete with water and chalk. We also write on whiteboards, play board games and draw rainbow words. these are all ways you can practice them at home too.

School Values: Give It A Go, Aim High
Key Competencies: Using language symbols and textx