Sunday, June 28, 2015

Life Ed

We visited the Life Ed van last week for a lesson on our identity, personality and reputation.
Identity - things that make us who we are
Personality - what we do, think, feel and act
Reputation - that we can harm or enhance it.

We also looked at NETIQUETTE
1. What goes on the net stays on the net - (if you post something it is there to stay - photos may be shared etc)
2. Online words are real words - (e.g. if you wouldn't say it to the person to their face then don't say it online.)
3. Know that people take cyber bullying seriously (it is a crime)
4. Develop a code of netiquette at home - (e.g. no cameras in the bedroom, all phones/devices handed in before you go to bed, only Skype in the family room, Don't accept friends unless you know them really well etc)
5. Be a responsible user of technology

Can't wait to have our next lesson on Wednesday

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