Friday, July 31, 2015

Blog Views

Look - we had 3 people viewing our blog at the same time - and some visitors from the other side of the world too. Aren't we lucky?

To all the people viewing our blog - thank you - it has been a great way to teach geography to the class.
Please feel free to write a comment on any of the posts - we are always wondering who is visiting our blog.

Silent shuffle

We did a silent card shuffle activity. In groups we had to put a list of transport forms such as skateboard, hot air balloon, train, rocket etc in order from slowest to fastest. We were not allowed to speak to each other so had to find other ways to communicate. we then rotated around the other groups to see how they had ordered their lists. We then went back to our own list and could finally speak and change our list if we wanted to. We had to think critically about our decisions and argue our points to the rest of the group.

Speech Research

Speeches are coming up this term. We have been researching our topics before we start.
We have also started to practice skills to deliver our speech

One of the activities we have started is to say tongue twisters - can you say the following 5 times in a row?

Red lorry, yellow lorry

Unique New york

Officer Den visit

Officer Den was at school today and thought he would pop into our class to say hello. He loves visiting our school - there have been many generations of his family go to Te Puna School - his grandparent, mum, dad, himself and his daughters. Miss Chambers taught one of his daughters too. He told us some interesting stories of life on the job and reminded us to use our WITS

W - walk away 
I - ignore 
T - tell someone 
S - say something

A Captive Audience
Shahni and Officer Den demonstrating using their WITS

Te Reo Maori

It is Maori language week and we have been learning how to say how we are feeling. We aim to continue developing our language skills. We also discussed how important it is to pronounce each other's names correctly - noone likes to come to school and have people say their name incorrectly.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Happy Birthday Toby

Happy Birthday 10th Toby. Hope you have a great,cool,awesome day and have fun celebrating it with your brother. Also thanks for the cake.