Sunday, September 13, 2015

Art Appreciation

Some reviews of the Deep Freeze art piece at the Art Roadshow.

I liked the Deep Freeze art because the picture up close looked like the artist had thrown the paint on. But when you looked at it from far away it looked real. The streams wove their way through the mountains. The picture  has lots of detail from the blobs of paint, also he has used a lot of colours. It really catches in your eye. Neil Frazer has done an amazing job.  Lilly

 I like this painting because it looks like Neil Frazer just splashed all the paint onto the canvas. I like the blue and whites he used. The art man said that he put the mountains on a slope because it naturally draws your eyes down through the painting. Over the side I like the look of the drips coming off from a pond. I also like this painting because it is something I can relate to because I go to the snow quite a lot. This was definitely my favourite thing in the art van. 

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