Thursday, December 3, 2015



Just some of our endangered animal dioramas.


Jackson displays a positive attitude toward others so deserved to wear his wristband today.

Kashin the Elephant Slideshow by Maggie and Lilly

Te Puna School poems

The school was usual enough; it had a library, a court, 

a pool, some classes and even a boiler room 

 I never went to. Charlotte, Maggie and I ate lunch together, 

swam in the pool, chatted, swung like crazy on the monkey bars 

until we were dizzy, read, walked and talked. 

 Doing nothing important. 

 By Lilly

 Based on a poem by James K Baxter

The school was usual enough; it had

a desk, playground, office, classrooms

and even a boiler room that I never went to. 

George,Oliver and I did what boys do, broke school rules, 

dismantled trees, demanded to play tag on the playground, 

fell off the flying fox, jumped or rolled.

Doing nothing unusual.    

By Jack

Based on a poem by James K Baxter

Te Puna School was usual enough;it had
A playground, a hall, a field, a library
and even a shipping container
I never went to. Shahni, Simone and I
Did what kids do- Talk while eating lunch, bounced the handball, played tag on the playground, quickly and quietly stole sticks from other peoples huts, complained about things, sprinted or swam,
Doing nothing important

By AnnaBased on a poem by James K. Baxter

Camp Based Research

We have been making slideshows about an aspect of camp we wanted to learn more about. Here is the slideshow created by Anna and Charlotte. We also learnt that a bibliography shows the resources we used to find the information.