Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Coca Cola Experiment

 We have been doing more experiments about food and what ingredients are in our food. We looked at the ingredients in a coke bottle. They were water, sugar, colouring, and acid.

 To find out how much sugar was in a coke bottle we decided to evaporate the water by boiling it in a frypan on the stove.

 When the water has evaporated we were left with a sticky black mixture. We poured this onto some baking paper. This is what we were left with. This is just sugar and food colouring.

 If we crushed this up we think this would be about 5 teaspoons of sugar.

So imagine drinking a bottle of fresh water and then being offered 5 teaspoons of sugar to eat.

 We also boiled the water off some orange juice.

There is a lot of sugar in orange juice too - a lot of this is pulp though.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Mr E's Box

Mr E, the music teacher, told us a story of how his step dad had a wooden box in his wardrobe that he wasn’t allowed to touch - EVER.
Mr E was tempted to look in the box but he never did, even when he was alone in the house.
When his stepdad died the box was given to Mr E.
This is what we think was in the box.

I am guessing that in the wooden box is the tuxedo he wore to his wedding,it is black and comes with a red bow tie and is made of silk. Mr E wasn’t allowed it because it is delicate and he could break it by tearing it apart into a gazzilion pieces of silk. It belonged to his great,great,great,great grandfather. Rikihana

I think that in mr Es box is nothing. Because he wanted to to test his new son. He wanted to test his new son. He wasn't  allowed to open the box because his stepdad wanted to know if he would or wouldn’t fail the test. So if Mr E opened it he would see nothing but thin air. That’s what I think happened. Ezra

In Mr E’s box might be a old clockwork model blue train from 1979 made out of metal the size of a shoe. I think it was kept away from him because it was so old and you could break it. His dad got it from a stall at a market for $10 000 000. He might have it on a shelf in the doorway. Denali

Mr E has a box, he knows what’s in it but we don’t. I’m guessing it is a scroll from 1899 and it’s been passed on from family generations. It’s probably a dirty brown and dusty yellow colour. I think it was found on a muddy path. He was probably not allowed to touch it because he might rip it to dust. I think that’s what’s in it. Greta

Mr E came to read our thoughts.

VIP - Denali

Denali brought in a multi tool to show to the class. It has so many different functions.

Creative Greta

Greta was creative with her Home learning - making colourful creations out of straws.


Monday, March 21, 2016

Food Science Experiments

VIP - Israel

Israel was our VIP last week. He brought in a fabulous book which illustrated his early years - lots of photos and even some awesome artwork. He answered some great questions from the rest of the class.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Food Colouring

We have been looking at what is in our food and talking about food colouring being an additive. Here are some of our thoughts. I will post a video of our experiment soon.

Food colouring

What do we know about food colouring?
Sometimes it's bad for you - Riki
We put it in icing - Rhapsody
Makes some stuff colourful - Roxie
Has highly contained chemicals - Mataatia
Like dye but you can eat it - Greta
Sometimes you can put it in the bath - Simone
Is just sugar - Rhys
It can stain easily - Paige

Why do we have food colouring?
Maybe makes things sweeter
So our food can be different - looks different
Makes it more interesting
Makes lollies look colourful
Makes it fun - especially lollies

Monday, March 14, 2016

NZ Flag

We have learnt about the symbolism of two flags NZers must choose between for the flag referendum. We then designed our own flag
My favourite flag is the current flag because it represents NZ history, like how people used the Southern Cross. I think Miss Chambers wants it too. I would put on a flag a Union Jack, a kiwi, the Southern cross and under the Union Jack - “ This is our country, leave it as it is”.It would be a bright blue green. My mum wouldn’t change the flag EVER. That is my opinion.
P.S I love NZ and our current flag
 Rikihana drew her own NZ flag using google drawings.
 Jamie's flag.

Body System

We started our topic of Healthy eating and Empowering Ourselves today.
I thought we would start by finding out what the children know about their bodies - particularly their digestive system. We drew an outline of a body and drew in what happens to our food when we eat.

Interesting results!!!


Rikihana's Home Learning

Rikihana made a board game about school for her home learning.
It will be great to use on wet day lunchtimes.
Well done Rikihana.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Plurals song

We have been learning about plurals and came across this song to teach us about adding es.

If the word ends with 
a ch, an sh, an x or an s
add es, es
and not just an s

Monday, March 7, 2016

Magic Trick by Paige

Paige showed us a card trick that she learnt for Home Learning. I think it has inspired many of her classmates to learn some too. we could be having a lot of fun over the next few weeks.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hit It - Volleyball

Some awesome volleyball skills were on display today.

We played a neat warm up game called Spring Clean. Toys were placed over a court which was divided in two (2 sides of a house). Each team stood on the side of the house. The leader called a number - the players had to run into their side of the house and throw all the toys into the opposite teams part of the house. When Spring Clean was called everyone ran onto the court. The winner had the least number of toys on their floor.


We are learning to write using a cursive style. We have only been learning this for a few weeks so I am very impressed with the results so far.


What a Lovely Smile

Denali always has this fabulous smile on his face. He is always so ready and eager to learn. What a great role model you are in our class.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Music lessons

We had our second music lesson today and were playing on the marimbas, keyboards and using percussion instruments to accompany one of the choir songs. Rikihana volunteered to sing the chorus for us. I was impressed with how many children volunteered to sing solo in front of the class. They were very keen to use the microphone.


Awesome helpers

We have had a few wet lunch times and these boys were brilliant at packing away all the toys without being asked.

Hit It - Badminton

We are still taking part in Go For It lessons. Badminton was this week's focus.


Fabulous and Ready to Learn

Look at these wonderful children who are ready and eager to learn.