Sunday, March 20, 2016

Food Colouring

We have been looking at what is in our food and talking about food colouring being an additive. Here are some of our thoughts. I will post a video of our experiment soon.

Food colouring

What do we know about food colouring?
Sometimes it's bad for you - Riki
We put it in icing - Rhapsody
Makes some stuff colourful - Roxie
Has highly contained chemicals - Mataatia
Like dye but you can eat it - Greta
Sometimes you can put it in the bath - Simone
Is just sugar - Rhys
It can stain easily - Paige

Why do we have food colouring?
Maybe makes things sweeter
So our food can be different - looks different
Makes it more interesting
Makes lollies look colourful
Makes it fun - especially lollies

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