Monday, July 25, 2016

Olympic Scavenger Hunt

Today we started our learning about the Olympic Games by doing a scavenger hunt. The children had  a list of questions each. The corresponding answers were hidden around the classroom. They had to hunt around the classroom to find the answers without letting the other kids know if they found one. Some children were very clever at casually walking past a clue and reading it out of the corner of the eye. Others were so excited they almost screamed when they discovered an answer, which caused a stampede of children rushing to find it too. A fun way to learn simple facts about the Olympics.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Rain poems

Some of our sentences.

Cold clear rain makes its way to the ground building showery water falls from the gutters.

Rain drops fall from the trees like tears. It lands on the grass like a cold coat. Cameron

Raindrops dripple down the gutters making music.   Rhapsody

Rain is turning dry leaves into soggy wet leaf mops.  Greta

The tree is naked, I hear the sound of god crying. Reikura.

Drip plop drip plop - the rain splatters on the ground.  Rico

Kandinsky Trees

Aren't these fabulous? Mrs Youngman inspired this great art.
One of the tricky things to do was to cut the circles freehand - no drawing the outlines first.
Also drawing a treetrunk which gets smaller the further it spreads away from the trunk was a challenge.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Sir Peter Blake Leadership Week

We were fortunate to have Mr Dayne Farley from Spark visit today to talk to us about leadership. He had some wonderful thoughts to share with us.

Here are some things Dayne wanted to go back in time and tell the young him.
  • Show Perseverance  - giving up is easy - the future you gets really frustrated with the past you.
    • Go through the hard bit
    • Not giving up
    • If it’s hard - do it hard

  • Show Resilience - means worrying about people laughing at you if you get something wrong
    • Not going to worry about what people think
    • Most people do want you to succeed

  • Try everything - give everything a go - at school the best time to try everything.

  • Listen more at school