Tuesday, August 23, 2016


We have been trying to focus on the positives about each other. On a wall in our class we can Tootle about each other (instead of Tattle) - we record positive thoughts about each other in the speech bubbles.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Olympic Values

We have been looking at the Olympic Values and how they relate to us at school. We are trying out a new program to publish our ideas. this is our first attempt.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Making Toys For Cocoa

Roxie made some toys for Cocoa and kept her entertained this morning. If you look closely in the second picture, can see her paw reaching out to grab the rope.
Thank you Roxie.

Snow White Show

On Friday we were entertained by NZ Playhouse with their performance of Snow White. It was a fantastic show with themes around sensible use of social media. It was also great to take note of the costumes and how they were made. Now that we are creators of Wearable Art we can appreciate these designs with new eyes.

Earthquake Drill

We regularly practice emergency drills here at school. Here we are practicing our Earthquake drill. We Stop, Drop, Cover and Hold.
It is always good to have an emergency evacuation proceedure for your homes as well and it is important to organise a meeting point.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Controversial Issues

For our Oral Language we have been learning how to hold a discussion with opposing views - Learning how to disagree or agree politely. These are some of the skills we are looking at
we look at the speaker
we can make a polite comment about their view - an interesting idea, I see why you think that etc
we make our point - I think that .....
we give a supporting reason for our opinion.

We have been discussing topics to do with the Olympics - should men and women compete against each other.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Here are some poems which are based on a poem by New Zealand poet James K Baxter.

Te Puna is usual enough, it has a rugby club,
a cafe, Maramatanga Park, Wairoa River and even
the Minden Stairs that I have never been to.
My Dad, sister and I  do what families do - walk my dog to the four square, kayak together, go to
the park and run around like crazy people, visit
Te Puna Quarry, walk on Te Puna beach, travel,
feed chickens and visit old friends.
Doing nothing important


Te Puna is usual enough, it has Maramatanga Park,
Te Puna Beach, a fish and chip shop,
four square and even the Minden stairs
I have never been to. My dad, my uncle and I  
do what people do - drive to the beach to collect
shells, walk to the shops to get some
chocolate, eat fish and chips like pigs,
climb trees.
Doing nothing important


Te Puna is usual enough, it has a beach, a park,
a quarry and even a reserve that I have
never been to. Denali, Cameron and I do what kids do -
Visit each others houses/orchards, eat sausages at the Country Fair, see animals at Ag day, run down to Maramatanga Park at cross country,buy lunch from the four square,
Doing nothing important

Celebrating Success

All these wonderful students have shown one or more of our school values. I am so proud of them.
Ezra has earned our first LEXIA reading certificate. We have been fortunate to have this reading programme on a free trial for a term. It is individual to each child. Each child works through a range of tasks at their own level - earning certificates as they proceed. I know we will see more of these.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Inspired by Derek Redmond

Our class watched a video of Derek Redmond running his 400metre race in the 1992 Olympics.  Here is some writing we did in response to this video. we tried to vary sentence beginnings and include some complex sentences which include more than one idea. See the Derek Redmond video and Rise song in the Olympic page on our blog.

Derek Redmond, from England, went to the Olympics and ran in the 400 metre race in 1992. It was held in Barcelona. Derek was actually the favourite to win.

Derek Redmond was pumped and of course he was nervous and excited. Derek was determined to win. He had to warm up . he did this by jumping up and down, looking at the other competitors.

Derek was coming fourth but then a very sad thing happened. He was 250 metres to the finish line but then he snapped his hamstring. Derek grabbed the back of his leg and fell to the ground in pain. He started crying. Derek put his hand on his face but then he got up to finish the race because that was what he came to the Olympics for. But his dad came running to him and helped him finish the race - it was a miracle. Derek’s dad put his hand around Derek. Dad quietly said “we will finish the race together”. So as they were running officials were saying to dad “ you cannot help , get back in the stand” But he told the officials to go away. Finally they finished the race together.

I will never forget Derek Redmond. He was my hero. I will never give up and I will do my best just like he did. Hopefully no-one will give up. Never fall - always rise. Listen to the Katy Perry Olympic song RISE, I think it suits Derek Redmond. I hope Derek inspires you like he inspires me.


Monday, August 8, 2016

Robot Fun

This week we have robots in our class from the House of Science. These are the next level up from the BeeBots we had in Term 1 and involve more advanced programming skills.Look at the joy of success on their faces. That's what learning is about. 

Olympic game for Home Learning

Our Home Learning involved creating a team game using two balloons. 
Lyla created a game using the balloons as the flame in the Olympic torches. each team has to do a relay holding the flame. If it drops they have to go back to the start to do it again.
How very creative.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Katy Perry - Rise

We did a fun activity today. Here we are listening to and watching the new Katy Perry song - Rise. It is the Olympic theme song for the NBC sports channel, with lyrical themes of victory and rising above one's opponents.
Some of the words were missing so we had to listen carefully to identify the lyrics. Tomorrow we will relate the lyrics to the Olympic values.

Japanese students

Today we worked with our Japanese students to match sports symbols for the Olympics with the names of the sports. It was great that we could all work together.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Japanese Student Visitors

Our Japanese visitors spent an afternoon with us and showed us how to write our names in Japanese.

Children as Teachers

Mataatia has shown a keen interest in learning about the countries who visit our blog. He will often research a country in his own time so I gave him a special project to research Rio. Here he is teaching the class about the Olympic host city. They are watching his presentation on the Tv.

Music - Beethoven's Ode To Joy

Mr E introduced us to Beethoven this week. We had a go at playing Ode To Joy on the glockenspiels. It is a work in progress but we are looking forward to this week's lesson. We have to be careful to make sure our stick bounces off the keys to give a clear sound.