Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Inspired by Derek Redmond

Our class watched a video of Derek Redmond running his 400metre race in the 1992 Olympics.  Here is some writing we did in response to this video. we tried to vary sentence beginnings and include some complex sentences which include more than one idea. See the Derek Redmond video and Rise song in the Olympic page on our blog.

Derek Redmond, from England, went to the Olympics and ran in the 400 metre race in 1992. It was held in Barcelona. Derek was actually the favourite to win.

Derek Redmond was pumped and of course he was nervous and excited. Derek was determined to win. He had to warm up . he did this by jumping up and down, looking at the other competitors.

Derek was coming fourth but then a very sad thing happened. He was 250 metres to the finish line but then he snapped his hamstring. Derek grabbed the back of his leg and fell to the ground in pain. He started crying. Derek put his hand on his face but then he got up to finish the race because that was what he came to the Olympics for. But his dad came running to him and helped him finish the race - it was a miracle. Derek’s dad put his hand around Derek. Dad quietly said “we will finish the race together”. So as they were running officials were saying to dad “ you cannot help , get back in the stand” But he told the officials to go away. Finally they finished the race together.

I will never forget Derek Redmond. He was my hero. I will never give up and I will do my best just like he did. Hopefully no-one will give up. Never fall - always rise. Listen to the Katy Perry Olympic song RISE, I think it suits Derek Redmond. I hope Derek inspires you like he inspires me.


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