Monday, March 27, 2017

Wonderful Writers

I came in after play to a bunch of excited children asking if they could keep on doing their writing instead of Silent Reading.
Of course they can!!! It's so awesome watching children being excited to learn and extend themselves.

Excitement at the Estuary

What amazing luck with the weather today. Thunderstorms were predicted and we had a blazing hot sunny day.
Here are a few photos from our day.
We saw whelks, wedge shells, fish, shrimps, worms, mangroves, cockles, anenomes to name a few.

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Fun Food Webs

We had some pictures of different plants and animals that live at the estuary. We had to put place them together as a food web and include arrows to show who eats what.
When we finished we looked at a food web on our blog to see if we were on the right track.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spelling learning

We have such a variety of ways to learn spelling in our class - jumping on letters that make up our words, rainbow words, writing them on a whiteboard, playing a board game called ESCAPE, playing a board game that even includes making 5 farm noises.


Here we are doing relaxation after lunch - preparing our brains for concentrated learning after the busyness of lunchtime. Even cocoa on the couch knows it's time to rest.

Our Maori Vowels

We have been learning to pronounce our maori vowels - both long and short.
Here we are pretending our hands are a keyboard and we are playing the vowels. The left hand are the long vowels and the right hand are short vowels.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cheyenne's 'Give It A Go' and 'I Care' attitude

Cheyenne's mum is doing the Mt Everest challenge, which is to climb Mauao 38 times in 50 days raising funds for the women's refuge league. Cheyenne's been up twice with her so far. They went up Saturday night together where Chey ran the majority of the steps going up and a 12 minute run all the way to the bottom. Her mum says 'she is awesome to take with me because she encourages me when she notices me slowing down behind her.' 

More Amazing Chef's

Making a meal at home is a popular home learning activity.

Amber's Home Learning

Look at this amazing meal Amber made.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sea Science

Another fantastic House Of Science kit. We learnt about filter feeders. We had some ordinary sea water which we poured into a funnel through some filter paper. The green glitter represents all the goodness that the filter feeder takes out of the water. We then used contaminated water which left green and gold glitter on the filter paper. This demonstrated that if there are pollutants in the water they are still being absorbed by the filter feeder animals. This can mean they are poisonous to humans who then eat them. We also looked at videos of the Rena disaster.

Ellie's Bike Adventure

Ellie had a fantastic bike ride through Karangahake Gorge on Sunday despite not feeling 100%. This is a picture she shared with us for her home learning. Well done Ellie for showing our school value of 'Giving It A Go'.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dion's Coastal Creation

Dion made an amazing coastal creation for his home learning from shells he collected at Waihi Beach. He made it with his mum and used a drill to make holes in the shells - unfortunately some broke. He then hung it in the Elf Tree.

I Care - School Value

We have been focussing on our school values particularly - I Care. We have been learning what it takes to be friendly.
Here is a saying that we have been repeating every day.

I am friendly
Today I will smile and say hello to other people
I will share myself and show interest in others
I like myself and I know I can make new friends

Can you spot Tracey?